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How Do I Get the Cockroaches Out?

They strike fear in the hearts of homeowners and people all over the world. They are scattering, creepy, crawly, and downright filthy. Yes, we are talking about cockroaches. And if you have a cockroach infestation in your home, you may be asking how to get the cockroaches out, and you mean today!

It is no surprise that cockroach removal is a significant part of the pest control industry in Virginia. They are found in homes, businesses, churches, public spaces, and just about everywhere else. So, what is a homeowner to do when faced with a nasty cockroach infestation?

The following article will help clue you into the truth about the cockroach and the need for roach removal upon first sight. When you first see a scurrying roach, call James River Pest Solutions to eradicate the entire population in your home.

cockroaches out

About the Cockroaches in Virginia

There are several different types of cockroaches running around in Virginia. They all have flattened bodies, and they move very quickly. Long thin antennae help them to locate food and navigate in the dark of your kitchen. And they may come in brown, black, tan, reddish-orange, or even green.

The two most common roaches of Virginia are as follows:

  1. American cockroaches
  2. German cockroaches

American Cockroaches

Big, brown, shiny, and icky, the American cockroach is hard to miss. However, when sensing danger, roaches dart out of sight through the smallest cracks and crevices. And they are nocturnal and prefer to keep away from all light. These roaches live outdoors in moist areas like mulch beds, woodpiles, flowerbeds, and sewer systems. In some places, they may live on trees, where they get the nickname palmetto bugs. And like any other pest, the roach enters a home to look for food and water.

American cockroaches have a life cycle of up to 700 days. Unfortunately, they are very hardy and multiple rapidly.

That is why a few cockroaches can quickly get out of hand in a matter of weeks or months.

Perhaps the worst part of this roach may be the odor they emit. This pheromone helps roaches locate one another and repels humans. If you have ever accidentally vacuumed one up, you know the foul odor they can create right away.

German Cockroaches

One of the most disturbing things to crawl across the floor or over the counter in your home is the German Roach. They are one of the most common pests, and they have been on the planet for more than 300 million years. So, if you are having difficulty getting the German cockroaches out of your home, you are certainly not alone.

German roaches are highly adaptable, which is why they can be found in diverse urban areas, including homes, apartments, restaurants, hotels, and institutions. This roach is a light brown to tan color with two dark stripes on their backs. They are a thin and flat oval shape with two long antennae and six legs. And they are the smaller of the two roaches.

It is essential to hire the services of an experienced and professional pest control company. James River has pest solutions for cockroach removal in your home.

Recognizing Signs of an Infestation

If you think you have an infestation, you most likely do. These are the things homeowners can look for to ensure the issue is roaches.

  • Small, black fecal droppings the size of a grain of sand.
  • Large, rounded egg cases with a brownish color.
  • Dead roaches in hiding spots like under the fridge or sink.
  • An oily musk odor penetrating the food you eat.

Are Cockroaches a Health Risk?

As one of the most common insects in homes, these pests will scavenge your entire place, searching for food, water, and shelter. Indeed, they practice the disgusting habit of going through the garbage and then right into your pantry.

As for health concerns, here is what we know at James River Pest Solutions.

  1. Roaches can trigger allergies resulting in skin rashes, allergic reactions, and asthma. The feces, eggs, saliva, and outer shell left behind by the insect can contain allergens. And these allergens can be inhaled from the air or ingested when they come in contact with food. Unfortunately, children, the elderly, and individuals with weak immune systems are more prone to conditions and illnesses caused by roaches and other pests.
  2. Roaches also cause intestinal illnesses. Diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever, and cholera can all be carried by cockroaches and deposited on food, toothbrushes, clothing, books, and more. And even worse, they feed on the feces left by rodents and other small animals, transmitting whatever disease the wastes may have as well.

What YOU Can Do to Help Get the Cockroaches Out

Clearly, a clean home is the best way to a pest-free home, but it is not always a guarantee that you will never have a roach problem. A professional pest control maintenance plan is the only way to keep the roaches under control in the state of Virginia.

Let’s go over a few things homeowners can do to keep the problem down between pest control visits.

  • Wipe off the tables, counters, and stovetops after food preparation and meals.
  • If you eat on the couch, run a quick vacuum on the cushions and floor after eating.
  • Keep your food confined to specific areas of the house as much as possible.
  • Keep a tight lid on pet food containers, and don’t leave the bowl out overnight.
  • Clean up drink and food spills right away.
  • Store all dry pantry food in tightly sealed containers.
  • Ensure the garbage cans in the home have tight-fitting lids.
  • Wash all your dirty dishes as soon as possible.
  • Don’t keep piles of boxes, cardboard, and newspapers inside or outside of the home, as these make great hiding places for many kinds of roaches.
  • Repair leaky pipes, toilets, and faucets since moisture is essential to insect survival.
  • Seal all cracks and crevices throughout the home. That way, you eliminate easy entry points for insects to get inside your home. You might want to check around your plumbing, electrical, and gas lines as well.

However, if the filthy cockroaches persist, call out the professionals for roach removal.

cockroaches out

Let the Experts Get the Cockroaches Out for Good

When you contract with an exterminator to get the cockroaches out, here is what you can expect from the technicians.

  • They will locate the roach activity and hiding spots.
  • Next, they will figure out what attracted them to your home in the first place.
  • Then they will look for the potential entry points and seal them if the homeowner would like.
  • Finally, they will spray for the cockroaches inside and out.

In addition, when you enroll in a preventative pest solution agreement, the chances of getting bugs are significantly lower. Of course, you can always give us a call if you get a bug problem of any sort.

Contact James River Pest Solutions for Effective Roach Removal

James River Pest Solutions wants to make homes cockroach and pest-free for you and your family. Our highly trained technicians will use the appropriate techniques, baiting, monitoring, sprays, and exclusion to rid your home of those disgusting roaches.

Give yourself a break. Roaches are among the hardiest and challenging to destroy of all pests. That is why gaining the help of an experienced exterminator is the best way to get cockroaches out of your home or business.

Trust James River Pest Solutions for quality pest solutions and exceptional customer service when you encounter roaches or any problematic pest in Virginia.

Contact our friendly team to get on the schedule for service today.

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