Finding A Reliable Pest Control Service

January 16, 2023

Your Key to Finding A Reliable Pest Control Service When pest control is an urgent concern, not only will you have pests in the house, but you will want to feel comfortable with the pest control service you allow into your home. We urge you to consider several things when searching for a reliable pest […]

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DDT Banned: The How and Why

January 2, 2023
DDT Banned: The How and Why image

You may have heard of DDT at some point in your life. Perhaps you had a brief lesson in your high school history or science classes. Or you may be familiar with this dangerous chemical because of your own practice of sustainability. If you know anything about DDT, you know it was banned several years […]

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Endangered Insects in Virginia and All Over the World

December 19, 2022
Endangered insects- Tiger Beetle

Getting to Know the Endangered Insects in Virginia and All Over the World We hear much about the iconic animals facing extinction, like rhinos and tigers. While these creatures certainly deserve our attention, so do other smaller beings, like the endangered insects of the world. Unfortunately, creepy crawlies don’t get the same appreciation as other […]

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What Plants Keep Pests Away?

December 5, 2022
Lavender repels insects

What Plants Keep Pests Away? People have used plants of all shapes, sizes, and colors for thousands of years. Like our ancestors, we use plants to season food, consume essential vitamins and minerals, make materials like rope and paper, cure disease and illness, ease anxiety, combat depression, and so much more. Honestly, the benefits can […]

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How to Prevent Winter Pests

November 21, 2022
Ladybugs are winter pests

The holiday season is finally here, and it is an exciting time of year! As you make your holiday to-do list, check it twice and schedule a time to prevent winter pests. While you may invite friends and family into your home, you certainly don’t want to welcome pesky critters like roaches, bed bugs, and […]

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