Exterminators’ Nightmares for Halloween

September 19, 2022
Exterminators' Nightmares for Halloween

As we creep our way into spooky season, it is just as important as any other time of year to be aware of the horrors of a potential pest infestation. And in the spirit of Halloween, James River Pest Solutions brings you six exterminators’ nightmares that will make your skin crawl! Continue reading to discover […]

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The Dangers of Cockroaches

September 5, 2022
The Dangers of Cockroaches blog image

Who doesn’t get anxious when they spot a nasty cockroach darting through their home? Perhaps you scream at the sight of one! At the very least, you likely have chills shiver down your spine. Read on to discover all the dangers of cockroaches lurking all over the world. Humans are fearful of roaches for a […]

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Dangerous Scorpions

August 15, 2022
Dangerous Scorpions black

Learn All About Dangerous Scorpions Virginia is home to many pesky critters, like flies, spiders, roaches, and ants. However, spooky scorpions are rare. Still, this raises the essential question—are there dangerous scorpions roaming around in Virginia? James River Pest Solutions is here to answer this common question. In this blog, you’ll learn more about what […]

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The Beauty of Spider Web Designs

August 1, 2022
wet spider web design image - featured image

Learn All About The Beauty of Spider Web Designs Have you ever stopped to take a closer look at the mysteriously stunning spider web designs? Or maybe you’re so frightened of these little artists that you would never risk getting closer to their webs than you need to. Whatever the case, spider web designs have […]

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Is There a Spider Season?

July 18, 2022
spider season -brown recluse- Spider COntrol

Learn if There is a Spider Season with James River Some say spider season is at the beginning of fall when the temperatures drop, and spiders escape the frigid weather in the warmth of your home. However, others claim that spring brings an abundance of spiders due to new growth and ideal outdoor conditions. On […]

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