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Humans are the preferred host of bed bugs. If you wake up with itchy areas that you didn’t have the night before, you may have bed bugs! Adult bed bugs are about 3/16” long oval shaped, and flat. Their color range is from Brown to reddish brown(after feeding).

Female bedbugs lay 1 to 5 eggs per day. So if even one is missed, a major re-infestation can occur within a few months.

Bed bugs are often hard to discover to the untrained eye. They harbor and cracks and crevices come out to feed at night. Typically they can be found around mattress buttons and beading, in box springs, or the coverings, and in any crevice of a wooden bed frame, such as where members join. Other places to check are wall hangings such as picture frames, night stands, stuffed furniture, baseboards, floorboard cracks, behind loose wallpaper, light switches, door and window frames, conduits, etc. In heavy infestations, bed bugs may be found in wall voids, attics, and other enclosed places. They will crawl considerable distance to obtain a blood meal. They can be introduced into a structure via furniture or in the belongings of someone who has been living in a bed bug infested situation

Adults 10-18 months can survive up to 1 year without food and they can feed on other animals if humans are not present. When temperature falls below 61 degrees Fahrenheit adults enter semi hibernation and can survive for months. Bed bug infestations have been found in transportation vehicles such as boats, trains, airplanes, and buses as well as movie theaters where they typically live in seats and associated frames.

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