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Highly Rated Pest Control Services in Glen Allen, VA

If you live in Glen Allen, VA, you know what a wonderful place we call home truly is. As a growing suburb of Richmond, Glen Allen has so much to offer its residents.

Being located in a beautiful area, Glen Allen, VA, is home to many exciting things to do. We have the Huntington Hawk Golf Club, the Heart of Virginia Wine Trail, the Scents of Serenity Organic Spa, The Cultural Arts Center, and so much more. And those are just a few of the things we love about Glen Allen.

Glen Allen, Virginia, trusts James River Pest Solutions to keep pests and critters away for good. With over 20 years of experience, we guarantee our pest control for your home or place of business. James River is committed to the local community; we live here too.

James River Pest Solutions is the number one choice for the Glen Allen community’s pest solutions.

Glen Allen Calls on James River Pest Solutions

Almost anywhere you go in Virginia, there are insects and unwanted critters. And while Virginia is for lovers, we don’t have to love the bugs coming into our home. That is where Glen Allen trusts James River Pest Solutions. The DIY methods of insect and critter control can be helpful but will not eliminate them permanently.You can rest assured, those pests will be gone when James River takes on the job.

Mosquito Reduction

Controlling the mosquito population is an ongoing and continual process. We know you don’t want those mosquitos to chase you and your family out of the backyard. So, James River will inspect your property to identify mosquitoes and their potential breeding sites.

Your technician will spray the foliage all around your yard, killing the mosquitos where they are. This intensive barrier treatment will protect your yard during the most active months. Additional sprays can be requested for events and particularly bad months.

Contact James River Pest Solutions today for effective mosquito reduction.

Termite Control and Treatment

James River is pleased to offer highly rated termite control and treatment options for our Glen Allen clients. We can keep your home safe from the ravages of termite damage by performing a thorough investigation of the property and home.

Each home is treated with a customized plan depending on the elements of the home structure itself. If no termites are found, we can get you on the maintenance plan schedule to avoid a future termite infestation.

So, if you need a termite inspection, treatment, or control, contact the qualified technicians at James River Pest Solutions.

Bed Bug Elimination

Do you need bed bug elimination? Bed bugs are one of the creepiest invasions for our customers. They are hard to see and identify until you begin waking up with bites. Then they are challenging to get rid of without professional treatment.

If you encounter the nightmare of a bed bug infestation, call immediately for treatment. James River Pest Solutions has a professional solution for bed bugs.

Quality Pest Solutions in Glen Allen, VA

It is our pleasure to offer quality pest solutions in your area that exceed your expectations. We are a family-owned business with the highest standards of professionalism. We know each house is different, and so are the pest control needs. Schedule an appointment with James River to look at your home or business and recommend a custom protection plan.

At James River Pest Solutions, we want to give your family peace of mind by staying in control of the pest invasion.

We Appreciate Our Glen Allen Loyal Clients 

James River Pest Solutions is honored to be your choice for pest control in Glen Allen, VA. Each day, our goal is to build your trust and maintain safety while delivering fast, friendly, and considerate pest control solutions.

Your home needs reliable pest control service, and we would love to add you to the list of our satisfied Glen Allen customers. Allow our team of professionals to help you get rid of the creepy crawlies and critters.

Contact James River Pest Solutions for a free no-obligation consultation today.

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