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Termites cause more damage each year in the US than all natural disasters combined. They’re natures recyclers. The only thing they eat is dead wood. Your yard alone can contain hundreds of individual colonies. The National Pest Management Association estimates that termite cause over $5 billion in property damage annually. Most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover you for termites, and unfortunately, many termite infestations tend to go unnoticed for years. These are the reasons why preventative maintenance for termites is so highly recommended. A thorough inspection is important, however, even if there are no signs of activity, that does not guarantee you don’t have a termite infestation. Termites in Virginia are subterranean, and cannot be exposed to light for long periods of time or they will dry out and die. Therefore, they tend to take the darkest path possible into your home, often entering through cracks between brick and cinderblock, or in the hollow parts of the cinderblock around your foundation.

At James River, we will provide a thorough inspection at no cost. In addition to looking for signs of termites, we will also inform you of any conditions conducive to termites and where they may thrive. After your inspection, if any activity is found, we will offer you customized treatment options to eliminate the termites affecting your structure. If no signs of termites were found, you may want to consider a preventative treatment to ensure termites never get the chance to start on eating your home.

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