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At James River, we want to give you total peace of mind. We’ll take care of any pest problems you may currently have. Then, we'll develop a plan for your home to keep them out all year long.

First, we will perform a thorough inspection inside and outside your home. Including: accessible crawlspaces, attics and basements. We will check for pest activity and infestations as well as document potential entry points and harborage areas they may use.

Your James River service will cover you for a wide variety of pests. Including: Ants, cockroaches, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, crickets, wasps, flies, pantry pests, mice and rats. 

On your initial visit we will seal, caulk, and secure any cracks or gaps large enough for pests to enter. We will use the safest methods available to protect your home. On the inside, we’ll treat as necessary, placing products out of the way of you, children, and pets. We’ll pay close attention to your kitchen, bathrooms, utility and maintenance rooms, exterior doors, fire places, garage, and attic, as these are places where pests tend to enter. We’ll treat the perimeter each visit, including the foundation, exterior doors, windows, accessible eaves, pipe and cable penetrations and other potential entry points. We’ll also remove and sweep down all accessible wasp nests and spider webs. When your service is complete we will provide a detailed service report and give recommendations that will, in conjunction with your service, help keep pests out. Remember touchups are free if needed in between regular visits!

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We’re Licensed through the State of Virginia and certified by The Department Of Agriculture.
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