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Common Warehouse Pests

Anyone who has ever spent time in a warehouse knows they are the perfect place for various pests. With large open doors and plenty of hiding places, an insect or rodent can easily get lost on purpose in the warehouse. But James River Pest Solutions can eliminate common warehouse pests from your place of business.

The key to removing common warehouse pests is to learn which ones frequent warehouses and what they love about your place.

What Pests are in Your Warehouse?

All sorts of critters and insects make the warehouses of America their homes. They are warm, secluded, wide open, and have plenty of spaces to hide away in. Here are a few of the common warehouse pests we see in Virginia.


Mice and rats can be a significant problem for warehouse owners. And especially in the colder months, rodents need shelter, food, and water. And not only can they scare the mess out of customers, but they can also ruin your supply and contaminate the entire warehouse.


You have seen them swooping in and out of a large warehouse, and you may think it is not a big deal. But think again. Their droppings can not only be a nuisance, but they can contaminate your product. And if they go on your clients, that is terrible news.

Warehouse Insects


No matter how hard you try, flies are hard to keep out of a warehouse. Keeping everything clean will help cut down on the numbers that get into your warehouse.


Beetles such as Cigarette beetles, flour beetles, drugstore beetles, and more can get into your dry foods such as nuts, flour, cereals, and pet foods. And spider beetles feed on the fecal matter from other pests.


Where there is one, there are many roaches. Since they need food, water, and shelter, the warehouse is perfect unless you remove these sources. Also, be sure to throw out cardboard and have the recycling emptied regularly.


The rafters of a warehouse are perfect places for spiders to weave their webs. There they will catch all sorts of insects and help exterminate your area for you. However, if you have the brown recluse or the black widow in the structure, you will need professional treatment to get them out.


Ants are common warehouse pests when there is wood soil or sweets in the warehouse. A simple treatment can take care of ants, though.


The Indian Meal Moth is one of the more common warehouse insects. The larvae will destroy shipments of food, pasta, bread, seeds, flour, and more.

warehouse pests

Rodent Infestations in Your Warehouse

Can rodents like mice and rats create dangers in your warehouse other than being dirty and creeping your clients and employees out? In fact, there are many reasons rodents are dangerous if living in your structure.

  • Rodents bring in all sorts of ticks, fleas, lice, mites, and other parasites from the outdoors. And each of these can make your work environment sick.
  • They make holes in your walls, siding, and roofing just to gain entry to your warehouse.
  • Rats and squirrels cause a significant amount of damage to insulation and building materials in your walls and the attic. Mice do the same but on a much smaller scale.
  • All rodents chew wires to file their teeth and use them for nesting supplies. What’s worse, damaged wires may lead to fires in your building.
  • The holes they create may allow water into the warehouse, creating the possibility for mold and mildew.
  • In the warehouse, they will leave their excrement wherever they please. In addition, if they decide to urinate in one area, it will eventually create a mess along with a foul odor.
  • When they get into bags, they will contaminate the product and potentially make a huge mess.

Not to mention, there are the diseases they carry. Infections like Lyme disease, hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, plague, and tularemia can spread to humans and their pets through their droppings, urine, and saliva.

Signs of Warehouse Pest Intrusions

Does it feel like eyes are watching you? Do you hear the pitter-patter of little feet under the shelving? Perhaps the bags have unusual holes in the corners? These are all signs you have an infestation in the warehouse. Here are some additional warning signs you have warehouse pests getting in.

  • Check bags, walls, corners, baseboards shelving for signs. Gnaw and chew marks are a sure sign. Rodents could be sharpening their teeth, and carpenter ants love that yummy wood.
  • Droppings everywhere? Well, that is an obvious sign and an unsanitary one.
  • Grease marks on the walls and tail tracks are signs of rodents in the building.
  • A foul or musky odor can mean anything from roaches to rodents and other small animals. Get that checked out right away to determine the cause.

If you notice any of these in your Virginia warehouse, give us a call at James River Pest Solutions.

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How to Keep Warehouse Pests Out

The first step to knowing how to keep them out is knowing the pest. And now that we have gone over that, here are some ideas to keep your warehouse pest-free.

  1. Keep drains clean. Floor drains provide the moisture some pests need to survive. Clean them to help control infestations and remove debris that may be attractive to pests.
  2. Keep the floors swept and free of crumbs and spills. No free meals here; this floor is clean.
  3. Empty the garbage regularly. Never let garbage sit, as it is one more reason for certain pests to love your warehouse. Additionally, clean out the cans and dumpsters occasionally to remove grease and grime that may be attracting rodents and insects.
  4. Cover cans and dumpsters to avoid invasion. Keep them covered, away from entrances to the building, and use trash bags when you can. The last thing you want is a rodent running through the dumpster, then into your warehouse.
  5. Secure the building. The only way they get in is through openings in the structure. Have a licensed pest control company look at the roof and around the warehouse perimeter for cracks, holes, and breaches in the building. Then get them all sealed up.
  6. Try exclusion devices. Exclusion devices like flashing lights, warning sounds, and spikes can keep certain rodents and birds away from the warehouse.

Then when all else fails, we can come in to save the day. James River Pest Solutions has the answer with perimeter and interior pest control techniques.

Why Hire a Professional for Warehouse Pests?

We are happy you are taking active steps to rid your home and yard of insects and rodents. However, there are some things your local pest control company can assist you with that you may not be able to get on your own. After all, that is what pest control companies are here for.

Professional Pest Control companies will inspect your home for the source of the invasion and the entry points. They will save you time and energy by providing quicker and more effective results than using DIY treatments. Additionally, by hiring professionals, you can avoid possible damage that pests can cause to your home.

When you hire a professional, you will get quicker results, and you won’t have to do the dirty work yourself. Now that’s a pretty good deal.

James River Helps You with Common Warehouse Pests

If you are fighting an infestation of any of these common warehouse pests, please call a professional. At James River Pest Solutions, we are ready to fight the good fight for you and your warehouse. James River is your friendly Virginia pest control service, serving Metro Richmond, Glen Allen, and Central VA for over 20 years.

Contact our team of professionals today to get those pests out of your space and help keep them out, too. We’ll help you get to the bottom of the problem with warehouse pests.

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