Identifying Insect Bites and Stings

April 18, 2022
Mosquito Control

The last things you want to ruin your summer fun are the bites and stings from some of the most irritating and potentially dangerous insects here in Virginia. From tiny ants to buzzing wasps, there’s a whole world of stinging and biting insects just waiting for their next chance to pounce- Or so it seems. […]

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Preventing Termites at Home

April 4, 2022
preventing termites: termite on a stone for display

In Virginia, preventing termites can mean saving you, your home, and your family from a devastating tragedy. Significant damage is done by these wood-eating insects costing billions in repairs every year. However, not everyone is lucky enough to discover an infestation early and avoid irreparable destruction. Often, a termite infestation results in the loss of […]

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Do People Keep Squirrels as Pets? 

March 21, 2022
Pet Squirrel pros and cons

Do People Keep Squirrels as Pets? Years ago, it was popular for humans to keep squirrels as pets. But after some time, people realized that these wild creatures ultimately belonged in their natural habitats. Most regarded the adorable and busy creature as a pest from then on. Read on to discover what it is like […]

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Critters That Invade Virginia Homes in Spring

March 7, 2022
spring critter

Spring is for bicycle rides, backyard football games, and delicious outdoor picnics. But with a welcoming warmth in the air, we aren’t the only ones feeling renewed and ready for action. All winter long, creatures dwelling in Virginia await the warm weather of spring. And with the turn of the season, animals and insects of […]

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Pest Solutions for the New Year

February 21, 2022

With an increase in people staying at home, working from home, and eating at home more often, the pest community is quite pleased. You see, when homeowners are eating meals and creating trash at home, they provide insects and rodents with plenty of options for their daily meals. That is why we have decided to […]

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