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7 Tips for Summer Pest Control

Summer is supposed to be an exciting season of splashing in the pool, backyard football games, home gardening, and big family picnics. Unfortunately, your relaxing vacation vibes can suddenly turn when you discover pests inside the home or taking over your lush landscape. It’s essential for Virginia homeowners to be aware of the importance of summer pest control.

The scorching heat and excessive moisture in the air increase insect and animal activity. During this sunny season, pests are on the move, beginning their preparations for the cooler months ahead.

To fully enjoy the summer fun, you must learn how to prevent the common pests from ruining your good times. That’s why James River guides you through the top summertime pests and provides expert advice on how to keep them away from your home- indoors and out.

Common Summer Pest Control Needs in Virginia

First things first, you’ll want to be familiar with the typical pests you may encounter in these hot and humid months. Below are some of the insects and critters Virginia households struggle with during this season.

Mosquitos: The toasty summer months are prime time for some of the most relentless and aggravating little pests around- Mosquitos. When temperatures exceed 70 degrees, mosquitos begin to reproduce at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, this means the swarms will be more abundant than ever.

Bees, Wasps, and Hornets: If you or a family member are allergic to bees or other stinging insects, you certainly don’t want them flying around your home in excessive amounts. However, bees, wasps, and hornets are highly beneficial to environments all over the world. So, the key is to discourage them from your area without entirely eliminating them.

Without our precious bees and wasps, the vibrant summer we adore would be colorless. They are some of our most significant pollinators responsible for the growth of stunning flowers and crops that define the summer season.

House Flies: Flies in the home are not only a nuisance. Particularly, house flies spread nasty diseases by landing on your countertops, exposed food and produce, and invading pantry products. It’s not unusual to have a couple of flies buzzing around your home. However, if you see countless flies, you likely have an infestation.

Ants: You may notice various types of ants invading your home in the summer. Some are more alarming than others, though all are unwelcome. Plus, ant species like the crazy ant and fire ants are invasive and notorious for being a challenge to control or eliminate.

Some species, like the carpenter ant, can do almost as much structural damage as termites.

Termites: Speaking of termites, they’re also especially abundant in the Virginia summer. Although it’s not always the case, they have been known to take down entire homes. No doubt, you’ll want to do all you can to prevent termites from infesting your home.

Rodents: Nasty rodents seeking shelter in your home is a matter to take seriously. Rats and mice can carry dangerous diseases, putting you and your family at risk. But that’s not all. Rodents are also excellent chewers and can damage your property and even gnaw at electrical wires.

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Summer Pest Control Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

When it comes to preventing frustrating summertime creepy crawlers, there are two pieces to the puzzle- prevention, and elimination. And while elimination can be challenging and often requires the assistance of a professional pest control team, many prevention measures are easy to implement on your own.

In general, preventing summer pest infestations comes down to securing the structure and removing materials that may attract common critters. Adopt the following seven summer pest control methods to work your way towards a bug-free season.

1 | Repair Cracks and Openings

The number one way pests enter your home is through the tiny gaps and holes in your home’s structure. With unrepaired damage, you practically welcome all kinds of bugs and critters inside. Implement this primary summer pest control method by carefully inspecting the interior and exterior walls of the home. Then, seal any cracks and openings appropriately.

Don’t forget about the doors and windows, too. All too easily, the rubber seals on your doors and windows will become worn. Be sure to check these areas thoroughly and replace what is necessary.

2 | Get Rid of Standing Water

Many insects begin their lives in water, like flies and horrible mosquitos. So, to do your best with summer pest control, you need to eliminate any areas of stagnant water. Your swimming pool does not fall into this category. In fact, the chemicals in pool water will repel many pests.

Instead, inspect your yard for water collecting in buckets, flowerpots, and ditches or dips in the landscape. You can improve your yard’s drainage by leveling the ground to avoid still water gathering near the home. Additionally, make a habit of pouring rainwater out of flower containers and outdoor buckets after a rainy day.

3 | Keep Your Lawn Neat and Tidy

Allowing your lawn to get out of hand creates the ideal paradise for outdoor creatures. Overgrown grass attracts pests like bees and wasps, as well as flies and mosquitos.

The summer heat can be exhausting! But don’t skip out on mowing your lawn regularly. It’ll be one of the most crucial summer pest control tips to attain a bug-free home.

4 | Trim Trees and Bushes

When it comes to keeping up with your yard, the lawn isn’t your only concern. You want to keep the trees, bushes, and hedges trimmed, too. For instance, when an unkempt tree has a branch reaching toward your home, it is the perfect bridge for insects to travel indoors, especially ants!

So, trim your trees and large bushes throughout the season to keep the pests from creeping indoors.

5 | Keep the Kitchen Clean

Summer pest control not only involves keeping things clean and pristine outdoors. It’s equally important to keep up with the inside of your home. Particularly, you’ll want to maintain a kitchen clear of any food, crumbs, or exposed produce.

Here are a few tips to ensure your kitchen isn’t attracting the common summer pests:

  • Clean up after spills immediately.
  • Keep the sink and drain clear of grease and food debris by washing them out after cleaning off the dishes.
  • Keep fruits and veggies covered, or relocate them from your exposed kitchen counters for the summer season.
  • Take the trash out regularly and never allow it to sit for too long.

6 | Tightly Store Food in Containers

Inside the pantry, be sure all food boxes and bags are sealed. An excellent way to seal off any opened pasta and cereal boxes or similar items is to use large plastic bags with tight zip seals. Better yet, invest in some air-tight containers to store leftover pantry items. This will surely keep even the tiniest of pests, like sugar ants, out of your pantry.

7 | Move Plants Away from the House

To complete your summer pest control list, move all outdoor plants away from the house’s exterior. Various bugs like ants and stinging insects are quite fond of large potted plants. They make for an ideal sheltered nesting location.

Specifically, ants move their nests from time to time. So, when they are ready to leave the potted plant, they will be tempted to enter your home if it’s nearby. Because summer is one of the most active seasons for home invaders of any kind, relocate your plants away from your house’s structure, at least for this time.

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Enjoy a Pest-Free Home this Summer

Working against nature can be one of the most challenging things to do. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to do everything they can to implement top-notch summer pest control and still find pesky insects and rodents making their way into their homes. Nevertheless, the best way to keep pests at bay is to work with a team of pest control specialists like James River Pest Solutions.

Our knowledgeable and trained staff are experts at finding the source, eliminating the infestation, and providing you with the tools and tips to prevent pests from returning. Summertime is perfect for scheduling a routine pest control inspection with James River.

So, before the summer pests squash your good times, reach out to James River for thorough and effective pest control!

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