Why Pest Control Matters in the Winter

Have you heard it said that pest control is not necessary for the winter months in Virginia? Some people even think bugs die off in the winter months, but that is just not true. While some insects and critters will perish from freezing temperatures, others are simply less active. And what’s worse, insects will try to make their way into your warm and cozy home. That is precisely why pest control matters in winter.

If you want full coverage from pests and critters in central Virginia, your best option is to contact the professionals at James River Pest Solutions before there is a significant infestation and the damage that comes along with it. With over 20 years of experience in Virginia, James River delivers the personal touch the community deserves.

Winter Insects

The purpose of pest control is to give you peace of mind and take care of any insect issues you have had in the past. In the wintertime, insects want to get warm, just like we do. James River covers winter insects and more. Listed below are a few of the insects we keep from using your home as a warm place to hunker down for the winter.



The American Cockroach is most active during the fall and early winter months. As the temperature drops, they look for a warm and cozy environment to live in, so they do not succumb to the freezing weather. Your attic, walls, floorboards, crawl space, and more are the perfect places for them to enter and set up a home for the winter. Not to mention, your house is easily accessed by these resilient and small insects.

Treating for cockroaches includes a perimeter treatment to start. Once the outside has been treated and entryways sealed, the technician will focus on the home’s interior. Initial set up of pest control includes treatment behind outlets and wall switched and the attic, basement, and other optimal hiding spaces.

Yuck. No one even likes to mention cockroaches. But that is okay becauseJames River can take them out of your home for good.


Unfortunately, termites are active 365 days a year, seven days a week, and 24 hours a day. All-day, they take turns in the swarm eating wood, chewing cellulose material, and they never sleep. In fact, the only time they will exit the home is when the temperatures outside begin to drop below freezing.

When freezing temperatures get to the termites, they will tunnel below the ground’s frost line through tunnels and mud tubes. Then, as soon as the temperatures are warmer, they will come back into the home to finish what they started.

That is why it can be detrimental to wait until spring or summer to get the appropriate termite preventative and treatment for your home. Don’t wait until another season. Contact James River for termite control as soon as possible.

Stink Bugs

If you have ever encountered a stink bug, you won’t want to again. They really do have a foul odor they put off when threatened. They even emit a pheromone to draw in other stink bugs when they find a cozy spot like your home.

If you spot one, killing it outside will help warn other stink bugs to stay away. Then call for a pest elimination service to be sure they are all out.



When the winter months approach, ants are sluggishly waiting out the season. They dig deep in the soil, under rocks, under the bark under cover of tree bark, or perhaps in your home. But they are definitely still there.

Amazingly, their body temperature drops to accommodate. However, they are cold-blooded and require warmth to stay alive. As they forage, looking for food and water, they may just wander into a crack in your home, your roof gutters, and in the landscaping to stay warm. Preventing ants from desiring the comfort of your home is the only way to discourage them. Contact your local pest control company to keep them out.


You wouldn’t think ladybugs are much of a problem. But even though they don’t sting or bite, they can make a mess. If they feel threatened, they will leave yellow marks all over and create quite a mess.

Ladybugs overwinter and cluster together in large amounts during the winter months. They are also seeking a warm spot to wait out the winter weather. And if you see one, you will have many very soon.

Indian Meal Moths

These moth larvae can do a great deal of damage to your pantry during the winter months. Since most of the holidays fall in the autumn and winter months, the pantry’s goodies get quite stirred up with all the holiday baking. This activity, plus the larvae brought in by infested packages, can cause a real problem.

No one wants to dump the contents of their pantry in the trash can so get an exterminator out as soon as you spot them before you have to.



While many spiders hibernate for the winter, some species will decide to stay the winter in your home’s attic or basement. After all, your home has food, water, and shelter perfect for the spider. Keeping other insects away will keep the spiders out since spiders feed on other insects.

Bed Bugs

Believe it or not, bed bugs are a big winter problem. When travel is increased, college students come home, etc., the number of bed bugs increases. These hitchhikers go from home-to-home wreaking havoc no matter the season. It just so happens people are overnight guests more often in the winter months.

The awful truth about bedbugs is, the females lay one to five eggs per day. Yes, per day! Once they are in the mattress or headboard, they can remain there indefinitely until spotted and treated. Therefore immediate treatment is crucial.

Firewood Pests

Any insects or critters that would like to hide in firewood in the winter can be brought inside the home and sit comfortably down in the interior wood stack. Don’t be caught bringing them in on firewood! Keep firewood off the ground outdoors and only bring in what you will burn that night.

Winter Critters

Mice, rats, raccoons, and squirrels can invade your home in a hurry. They want to build their nests in a warm place for their young. It makes sense for them, but not for you! And remember, they multiply quickly, so if you think you may have a rodent problem in your home, you will need to call a professional right away. Folks that believe they can capture the one rodent on their own most often find there is never just one. And before they know it, they have an infestation and a real mess on their hands.

Don’t be caught with a family of rodents protecting their nest. Call James River as soon as you hear the evidence of a mouse, rat, raccoon, or squirrel in your home, attic, or basement.

Choosing a Pest Control Company

When choosing a pest control company to eliminate winter pests, or any season, for that matter, your experience matters. At James River Pest Solutions, we aim to give you the best experience with what could be an unpleasant situation. Our licensed and insured technicians will gain your trust in a hurry. Our family-owned company is proud to deliver reliable estimates and safe home treatment.

Owner Joe Hicks says,

“Our goal is to provide services that exceed expectations and exemplify the highest standards of professionalism while maintaining and improving the quality of life for our customers, employees, and community.”


James River Covers Your Home for the Winter Months

Although many species do hibernate for the winter, not all do so. What’s more, your home appears perfect for them to keep themselves and their young warm. Scheduling a regular pest solution treatment around the perimeter of your home will help build up a barrier around the house. Skipping the winter months lowers the barrier and allows pests entry. No one wants that.

So, here is what we propose. When our technicians come to your home, they will perform a thorough inspection of the house both inside and outside. They will check remote places like attics, basements, sheds, and crawl spaces. They will also check for any entry points the pests may utilize to gain access to your home.

When homeowners enroll in a service agreement with us, they get year-round protection from pest infestation and the damage they create. James River Pest Solutions will cover your home top to bottom, inside and out, from all seasons of insects.

If you hear activity in the attic, call right away.

Should you notice an ant on the kitchen counter, contact us to check it out. Before the winter months, be sure you are protected by contacting pest solutions to secure the home. And if you locate an infestation, please do not wait to contact the friendly professionals atJames River Pest Solutions in Virginia.

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